Cosmology 1: #6

Describe the relationship between earth and sky in ADF ritual. (125 words min.)

The earth and sky can be represented in ADF lore through the Two Powers meditation, or within our cosmological structure.  The earth is the land, sea and sky of the Middleworld in which we reside.  The sky above is the heavens in which we pray to the Gods and our messengers are sent upwards through the fire to carry those messages upwards into the sky.  I have seen members in ADF pray to an Earth Mother and Sky Father, and my own native bloodline acknowledges such an existence, but I do not pray to it in my Heathen hearth culture.  The sky is the gateway to the upperworld through the fire, and the earth is where the creatures of our world, and the world tree reside.  The roots of the tree dip down into the underworld, the branches raise up towards the sky, thus linking the three worlds together.  A fictional similarity would be like the standard of two snakes, facing each other, over a black sun and black moon.  The snakes could represent the serpent of the World Tree, and the sun and moon could represent the heavens and earth, opposite each other.

(Word Count: 194)

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