Cosmology 1: #4

Explain why the fire is an essential element of ADF ritual, and what relation it has to the sacrifice. (150 words min.)

Fire is an essential element in ADF ritual for many reasons, the main of which is the ability to send our offerings to the heavens and to the Gods.  It is used to cook sacred meals to share during our community revels after ritual to ground and share the energies of the ritual together.  The shared meal is a very important ending to of ritual for that exact purpose.  Ritual libations are often poured into the fire (if proper alcohol content) or around the fire (if high water content).  Sacred herbs, written poetry, flowers, artistic creations, are all placed into the fire as an offering so they can be consumed by fire and gifted to the Gods.  It is the only way for us to really have these offerings consumed properly with a fire that is designated for that particular purpose.  We do not use it for disposing of trash, as that would be insulting to the Gods.

(Word Count: 158)

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