ADF Structure, Customs, and Policies, #4

Describe the Guilds, SIGS, and Kins of ADF in general, their function within the organization, and the goal of the Guild, SIG, and Kin systems. (150 words min. for each type of subgroup)

ADF has several functioning groups that serve several purposes and interests for its members.  Guilds in particular are developed for sharing knowledge and teaching skills that are relative to the work we do within ADF.  Many, in fact, have their own individual study programs to put focus on that Guilds skillset, which is a requirement to remain a Guild.  They are also required to have a set of officers as determined by the Council of Lore.  An example of this would be the Naturalists Guild, which is intended to help its members learn more about the land and spirits of the land that we walk in balance with on the Earth.

Additional guilds that provide, or are working to provide training in their specific interests are the Artisans Guild, which focuses on the creation and making of crafts and artwork.  The Bardic Guild encourages the written,  sung, and spoken word.  The Brewers Guild focuses on the art of brewing in terms of religious purposes.  A Dance Guild researches the use of dance and movement in the work of Our Druidry.  The Healers Guild studies and teaches various healing methods.  The Liturgists Guild focuses on complexities and art of liturgy in our organization.  Our Scholars Guild practices the excellence of scholarly research.  The Magicians Guild studies and teaches traditional magic.  A Seers Guild trains each other on divining, and seership.  And finally our Warriors Guild helps to train its members in spiritual, mental, and physical defense.

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Kins are another subgroup within ADF that have a concentration on specific hearth cultures so that members can collectively work with other members in their specific hearth, share ideas and theology, as well as develop liturgies, music, and other cultural distinct contributions.    While ADF is specifically a “Druid” organization, it’s an organization that encompasses the Indo-European culture as a whole, so it encourages and flourishes within many of the different traditions and cultures that members might find favor in outside of Celtic.  Like Guilds, Kins are required to have bylaws and a certain amount of members, but only required to have a leader in order to be considered active.

The current Kins within ADF are the Aus Dwher for the Eastern I-E traditions such as Vedic, Eldr ok Iss for our German and Northern Traditions, Oi Asproi Koukouvayies for the Hellenics, a Slavic Kin four or Slavic Hearths, Tylwyth Y Ddraig Goch to honor our Welsh, Clann  na nGael focusing on the Gaelic cultures, a Roman Kin to cover our Roman history and heritage, and Pontos Proto IE Kin which focuses on a broad range of Proto-Indo-European cultures.

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Another subgroup within ADF is the SIGs or “Special Interest Groups”.  These subgroups are intended to cover any significant interest in a particular topic, including those that may eventually develop into a Guild.  SIGs do not have a study program like Guilds because the topics are not based on training or learning.  They also do not have bylaws and only need an Organizer to run the regular operations of the particular SIG.  The specific interests currently covered in the existing ADF SIGs are Solitaries for our members that do not have a Grove they are affiliated with.  Foireann Mhorrigan for our members devoted to the Morrigan, People of the Purple Feather for our gay and lesbian members to network with each other.  We have a Children’s/Parenting SIG for those who have children and how children may affect or interact with ADF.  Our American SIG focuses on promoting the American culture as an Indo-European culture in ADF.  Ancient Iberia SIG studies ancient pagan Iberia and the Ecstatic Trance SIG studies ecstatic trance as a way to connect with the Kindreds.  Our Military Outreach SIG helps members not only support our military, but also help the military members connect with ADF and the membership or other ADF military.  The Polyamory SIG is for our polyamorous members to network and also discuss the spiritual side of polyamory.  And finally we have a Safe Haven SIG to help our members with disabilities.

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  1. Am very interested in ADF and its philosophy & activities. Does your group welcome and include LGBTQ people? If it does I’d like to know/learn more and perhaps join you to honor the Earth and all its Kindred who also honor and respect it.
    Hope to hear from you!

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