ADF Structure, Customs, and Policies, #6

Compare Isaac’s original “Law, Policy, Tradition, and Customs in ADF” article with how you see ADF today. Describe what is still true and what is no longer accurate in that document. (300 words min.)

Reading over Isaac Bonewits original “Law, Policy, Tradition, and Customs within ADF”, I have to say that a lot of what he said back then is still fairly accurate to the present.  In his article, he goes into specifics about various terminologies within ADF that help build up our structure, customs and policies with historical value and progressive evolution.

For example, while ADF started with bylaws as it’s original “law” structure, they have since evolved to a “constitution”, which is entirely more flexible for the organization.  Some laws that continue concretely within ADF are those such as no human sacrifices at all, and no animal sacrifices in any ADF ritual.  These types of laws are pretty straight-forward, however, which is why we continue on with Policy, Tradition, and Custom.

ADF also institutes policy, which mainly governs how things are run for the most part, such as ADF rites being pretty open to the public.  These are the guidelines on how we interact together individually and as groups.  This is still accurate to date in regards to ADF modern policy.

Traditions tend to be more flexible and changing.  The COoR is not exact to what it once was, but the core of it remains the same, as do our high days and commitment to scholarly excellence.

Customs tend to be the most personal and flexible.  I know within CedarLight Grove our sigil has been updated semi-slightly, and new traditions are born all the time such as our Mabon High Rites being more about Thanksgiving as a Grove than anything else.  We do all-night vigils for Yule, we have beads for ritual attendance, etc.

The beauty of ADF is that new things are continually being developed, but our core focus to Isaac’s vision has remained significantly in tact.  We’re developing ethical guidelines for Clergy, training more of our Initiates and Clergy, developing a large amount of Dedicants, and continuing with the vision that was originally set forth, but in a more organized and progressive fashion to support our ever growing membership.

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