9 Virtues: Perseverance

I originally wrote this essay after much struggle, and after showing it to a DP mentor, had to scrap it completely. That alone showed me that perhaps my view of Perseverance is slightly skewed or confused.

Perseverance is the ability to overcome and pass through obstacles. That’s a simplified definition of it. While trying to relate perseverance to my own personal story, there is very little that doesn’t also relate to the virtue of courage. It seems I often relate the two virtues very closely, which could cause some confusion.

I mentioned in my previous essay that I didn’t have any inherit tales of perseverance. I feel strongly that living a good life takes perseverance all on its own, especially in this day and age. When every other virtue is stripped away from you, I think perseverance is one that you can still hold onto no matter what. You can crawl through whatever situations that continue to bombard you, and come out a better person for it.

(Word Count: 167)

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