Indo European Myth 2: Application #2

Using your answer to question 4 above (winning the waters), create a piece for use in ritual that describes the winning of the waters. (no min. word count)

For our Imbolc High Rite in 2014, I invoked Boann for our bardic inspiration, focusing on the story of her betrayl of Nechtan to approach the secret well that only he and this three cupbearers could approach.  I am more into singing music in ritual and filking existing tunes, so to write my own poem as an invocation was entirely foreign to me and this was my first time.  It goes as follows:

Wife of Nechtan, and Dagdha’s lover
Creator and giver, Angus’ mother
White cattle mother, loved by another
She ran to the well, seen by no other

Seeker of knowledge, defiant of cause
Three times round the well, she wouldn’t give pause
The well quick with anger at Boanns fated flaws
It spew from its depths to cleanse broken laws

The water rose endless and flushed Boann away
Down to the valley the rivers did lay
5 different waters were born on this day
A gift of the senses, For which Boann did pay

I would then rest my hands over the well and say:

Lady Boann, inspire us with sweet words so that only truth and honor be spoken here.  Accept this gift in return for a gift.  Accept this offering!

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