This journal depicts my spiritual journey through various training programs with Ár nDraíocht Féin. The first and foremost being the Dedicants Program (completed September 2007), and then the Generalists, Initiates, or Clergy program (Started July 2009).

Though I don’t consider myself a full-fledged druid, it is an equal part of who I am and I feel the most comfortable with Indo-European ritual. My Patron/Matron has always been the Greek Goddess Athena. I’m currently studying Norse, and my spiritual self and lifestyle has always been Native American, especially Cherokee (I am part Cherokee) and Lakota Sioux. (Note: I keep both spiritual entities entirely separate out of respect.)

This particular journal is ADF exclusive for keeping track of the training programs. I do have another spiritual journal that I keep notes and thoughts in, but am not comfortable with linking the two together just yet.

The title of this journal, Eithne Naal, is a Gaelic phrase I found to mean rebirth of fire. Which may very well be incorrectly translated, but I like it, and intend to keep it.

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  1. Kevin Kirk says:

    I am new to ADF. Your journal is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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