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Crisis Response, #1

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Provide both an objective (from a source e.g. dictionary, textbook) and subjective definition (in your own words) for the following terms: “crisis” and “precipitating event.” (minimum 50 words each, excluding the objective definitions)

From Dictionary.com:
Crisis (adjective), a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic,political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.

A Crisis is a term used for an event or series of events that upset the delicate balance and/or routine of our lives, usually in an unfavorable way.  These types of events are generally unexpected, or sudden and drastic in nature, causing an uncomfortable amount of stress and anguish on the victim.

(Word Count: 52)

From Free Dictionary:
Precipitating (adjective), acting with or marked by excessive haste and lack of due deliberation.

Precipitating event is a notion of some sort of event that builds up quickly, often spiraling out of control and ending up in crisis.  These are usually the initiating events that wind up in crisis mode.  Think of it as the root of events that led to the crisis event, which then will lead you to the root of the problem to be resolved.

(Word Count: 64)