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Focus of Hearth Cultures

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I’ve decided since my Hearth Culture doesn’t exactly apply to my path in ADF since it is not indo-european, that I would explore one that I could use for the training purposes.

My original Hearth Culture being Native American, I’ve followed this particular one for some time now, really long before I ever realized it. Rediscovering my Cherokee heritage has given my spirituality a renewal, and is helping me to discover which parts of the world I come from. I intend to continue my study of the Cherokee and Lakota culture, despite my involvement with ADF.

But during my genealogy research, especially on my fathers side of the family, I also discovered a very large amount of German ancestry. I have the name of the Ship, the year, the location and everything where my great great grandfather Anton came over from Germany, but I’m still trying to find out where in Germany exactly. Since he came over in 1882 during the German Empire, the borders were entirely different than the Germany of today.

So I’ve decided to learn more about the Germanic culture (seeing as I’m fairly n00b), and pick up my roots there. This will be my ADF hearth culture so I can connect with those ancestors as I did with the Cherokee, and also have a focus for future training programs.


Another Branch off my Path of Life

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Now that my DP is done and completed, I’ve decided to take a minor break until the new year before I start the Clergy Program. Honestly there’s a lot of figuring out I have to do on the differences between the Clergy Program, Generalists Program and Initiates Program. Maybe in addition to my master list of Recommended Reading that I intend to create, I’ll create a page that kinda explains these things to all us n00bs.

I’ve decided to keep all of my ADF correspondences on this blog, so I will have another category that will be for all the new stuff coming in. That should keep things separated enough.


A Fresh Start

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I was going to wait to design my own layout for my Dedicants Journal before I started putting things online, but it’s taken this long already, and I don’t feel like waiting any longer.

So I found a template I like and will use this until such time that I can create my own.  In the mean time, I will attempt to customize things and get everything for my dedicants journal up and ready.